Tuesday, March 22, 2005


IEEE 802.15 is the working group 15 of the IEEE 802 which specializes in Wireless PAN standards. It includes four task groups (numbered from 1 to 4).

  1. Task group 1 (WPAN/Bluetooth) deals with Bluetooth, having produced the 802.15.1 standard, published on June 14, 2002. It includes a medium access control and physical layer specification adapted from Bluetooth 1.1.
  2. Task group 2 (Coexistence) deals with coexistence of Wireless LAN (802.11) and Wireless PAN.
  3. Task group 3 is in fact two groups: 3 (WPAN High Rate) and 3a (WPAN Alternate Higher Rate), both dealing with high-rate WPAN standards (20 Mbit/s or higher).
  4. Task group 4 (WPAN Low Rate) deals with low rate but very long battery life (months or even years)


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